Graduation | 2012

Oh boy, graduation day...

How do I even began to start? For those who don't really want to read about my personal life and just want all the goods about my photography, just skip this. I won't be butt hurt, I promise. Now, where to start? Alright, so it was my graduation weekend about a week ago and I had a lot of anxiety and excitement running through my veins. I mean, it was graduation, I'm sure many people feel this way on a big day like this. It took me five years to finally reach this moment but when the time came, I was proud. Proud of what I had accomplished and even more prouder that this was the year that I took more risks in my personal and professional life. I still cannot believe that I have graduated, even though it's only been a week I'm still settling into the fact that that part of my life has ended and a new chapter has begun. The "real" world.

All the memories that I made at Sonoma State with my family and friends, I will never ever forget and will cherish forever. All those late nights and studying, I won't really miss but I always loved learning from my professors as well as my colleagues. It has been wonderful. Thank you. 

Just keep in mind, wherever you are in life...keep dreaming big or small, keep going after your goals, stay positive, live happy, and be healthy. Your future awaits you and nothing will get done if you just sit on your bottom and hope for things to happen. We must work hard for whatever it is that we want to accomplish. This year has definitely taught me to be more bold, to take more risks, and to be more creative and with that, I am happy to announce some more exciting news soon. 

Until then, stay tuned. 

Anny To 


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