Our Wedding Ceremony

Hey darlings, 

Since there's a million photos. I wanted to make maybe three different blog posts by ceremony, reception, and our bridal/groom portraits. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? 

My favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It was a beautiful Saturday morning on August 5th, 2017. I woke up around 5AM to do my mom's hair and she looked stunning. At this time I didn't feel nerves or anything, I was ecstatic. It was finally our wedding day and I was looking forward to it. Around 7:30AM my beautiful makeup artist, Jenna DeNatale arrived and put me in full glam while my lovely Tamra Cavell did some lovely vintage waves for my hairdo. They're both so talented and I loved spending my morning getting dolled up by them. I highly recommend my girls so much! They will make you feel at ease.

Once 9:30AM rolled around, I got into my wedding dress and waited patiently for Adam to arrive with his family at 10AM. Just an FYI, Adam's a super private person so I won't be showing his face. Anyways, at this point I was feeling a bit anxious but our tea ceremony was relaxed, exciting, and joyful. It was wonderful seeing family from all over. We had family come from Washington, New York, and even Vietnam. So grateful and luckily it wasn't hot on our wedding day. Thank goodness. Your girl was nervous to walk down the stairs. I didn't want to trip and fall flat on my face. That's something I would totally do. Fortunately, I was alright because I had my dad and Angel with me. We exchanged rings, kisses, tea, gifts, and had delicious breakfast. The morning went well. Special thanks to all my family and friends who helped out with the big day! 

Here were some awesome shots by Marisol and Adam Allen. I loved so many! So happy with how the shots came out. It meant a lot having our good friend Adam and his sidekick, Marisol be a part of our wedding day. We are still waiting on our behind the scenes video so I'm excited to see that too! For now, enjoy some favorite shots. 

Lots of love,


  1. I absolutely love this anny!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Of course!! It's nice to look back on. Thanks for the love xo

  2. Wow! Each and every picture has been captured so beautifully. I am saving this post so that I can show it to my photographer who is going to capture my wedding pictures. I am getting married in one of the finest Seattle Wedding venues by the end of this month.

    1. Aww congrats! I am sure your wedding will be absolutely beautiful.


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