Our Wedding Ceremony

Hey darlings, 

Since there's a million photos. I wanted to make maybe three different blog posts by ceremony, reception, and our bridal/groom portraits. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? 

Q & A | How I Got Started in Photography

Hi darlings,

I know, I know it's been months since I have updated you all. My sincere apologies. Here's a mini update though, I got married to my best friend about a month ago and the day was a bit hectic but exciting. So I guess you can say, my life was a bit chaotic at the time. If you guys would like a recap of it, let me know and I'll make another blog post about the big day and the preparation leading up to it. Otherwise, here were a few questions that I received over on my instagram having to do with how I started photography, what inspires me, etc., and I thought since I have been asked plenty of these specific questions, I would make it easier and feature a few on my blog.

Aria's First Mothers Day

I feel like we will call this the Aria blog! I have been slacking with the updates and it's honestly because I have been freaking out about all the wedding details/planning. I finally received our invites so we can send those out asap. Thank goodness! Only another two months but here's a little flash back to last week's Mother's day/family shoot with Pepper, Angel, and Aria.  I'll have another post soon from our family festivities but until then, enjoy these cute photos of this adorable family. I love them! xo 

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