Firmoo Glasses Review

For today's post, I wanted to talk about my favorite online store to purchase affordable and stylish prescription as well as non prescription glasses. If you guys don't know, I'm not blessed with perfect vision as I need glasses to drive, to read, and to work on my computer. I'm jealous of those of you who can see well. Ahem, my husband Adam but on the plus side, I think glasses can look cute and who says the costs needs to break the bank!? I was in need of a new pair of glasses so I searched the web and stumbled upon Firmoo. At first I was hesitant to purchase glasses from an online store but I read a lot of reviews and decided to give Firmoo a try. I'm sooooo glad I did because my experience has been nothing but wonderful. You guys can give them a try too and sign up for free đŸ˜Š and use my code for 50% off your purchase: Anny0625314 

I wanted some quirky, fun, yet chic glasses and they had so many options to choose from. Not going to lie, I was a little overwhelmed but I loved looking at all the different styles. My first pick for every day use was the style #S1420 (C1) to see for distance, with a lens standard 1.5, and added on advanced photochromic grey (which means my glasses become tinted out in the sun. So awesome!), anti-scratch, UV coating, and oleophobic fingerprint resistant A/R coating. I love the look of black frames but with the added gold touch. I think they look rather classy and fit nicely.

My other choice for every day use is the style #S1361 (C6) with a standard 1.5 lens, anti scratch, UV coating, as well as Finger resistant A/R coating. These are probably my most chic glasses in a beautiful white and gold frame. If I want to look a little more classy, I'll throw these babies on. I just adore them so much! However, I find them to be a bit flimsy around my nose area so they don't fit as nicely as some of my other frames.

Now my absolute favorite glasses are my computer glasses I use for editing, blogging, etc., These colorful frames are in the style of #DBSN62258 (C562). I tend to go for more neutral shades when it comes to glasses but wanted to branch out a bit. These were the perfect frames! I had the lens customized to be blue-light blocking so it's perfect for looking at a computer screen. I would have to say these fit my face the best. I don't have much of a bridge on my face so sometimes finding glasses that sit right can be a struggle. 

My next choice I wanted was something a bit different and more trendy. These are in the style #LKFS9913 (C212). They're clear, fun, and much larger than my others. Surprisingly they fit nicely. I had them customized to be anti-scratch, UV-coating, as well as fingerprint resistant A/R coating so pretty much all of my glasses have the same custom choices and the average cost of my glasses are about $40 each. So good for the quality you are receiving!

 Lastly, I needed some sunglasses to you know, go out in the sun! Got to protect my eyes with these frames in the style FT26812(C05) (I don't think they have the exact style anymore but they are in this frame shape.) All I know is I love the browns and the pops of subtle color in the frames. 😇 They remind me of a pair my mom owns and I definitely do take after some of her fashion sense.

Overall, since purchasing my glasses back in June 2017 they have stayed in great condition. When I had ordered them, they arrived in a timely manner and they all fit pretty well, some a bit better than the rest. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, the beautiful map case they all came in, along with a cleaning cloth, small screwdriver and extra screws (if in case you need to do some maintenance work on your glasses) and I could see clearly! I have had so many compliments over the past few months and I'm already wanting to purchase more!

Firmoo's tag line is "Your Preferred Online Eyewear Store" and I wholeheartedly have to agree. Their prices are reasonable, their customer service is excellent, and they offer a ton of deals. Who doesn't love that!? Their site provides plenty of choices of all shapes and sizes so finding something you like should be plentiful. Their site is easy to navigate and one of its cool features is that you can virtually "try-on" the glasses to see how they will look on your face and they also provide precise measurements and weight for every frame. I love that they also offer extras during check-out, such as tints and a variety of coatings. These do cost a bit extra depending on what you choose but I find the overall price for the quality you are receiving is totally worth it.

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This post is not sponsored. All glasses were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my honest review.


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