My Rakuten Review / Is it legit?

Well hello there!

The Museum of Ice Cream

Hello sweethearts, ready for a tasty treat? Yeah, me too. I'm actually not huge on sweets but my tooth has become a little sweeter as I have gotten older. It's kind of weird how our cravings change as we age. Are you like that too?? Honestly, I need to lay off the sweets! Anyways, if you liked my Color Factory post then this one's for you. Here's a little recap of our time at the Museum of Ice Cream (which, by the way they have tickets on sale now if you are going to San Francisco location. Get them while you can because they sell out like crazy!)  

Kimchi Tofu Stew Recipe

Hi loves, today I wanted to share with you one of my all time favorites, Kimchi Tofu Stew. If you love savory flavors,  spices, and lots of veggies then this is the soup for you. I'm drooling thinking about the taste. Keep in mind that this is my modified version of this delicious Korean stew so feel free to play around with the ingredients to fit your tastes.