Our First Year Of Marriage

On August 5th 2017, Adam and I tied the knot and now it's been a year but hey at least we didn't drive each other too crazy. I must admit, marriage has been a roller coaster. We have discovered and learned more about one another and some days we would get along swimmingly and others not so much. Marriage is far from perfect but honestly I love Adam so much more each day and I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else. Happy Anniversary, my darling!

We started our day by getting Adam's usual coffee and our groceries because you know, we must have food. Originally we had the plan of checking out the Winchester Museum but we wanted to save that for another day. Plus, we woke up kind of late because we're late sleepers. 😉 We went on a movie date to watch Christopher Robin and it was such a cute, heartfelt, and funny movie. We loved it! We ended our day walking my pups, getting a slush with boba, and cuddles. You can say we kept it pretty low key but it was nice because we wanted to spend quality time together. 

A few days before we had our photos done by my talented friend, Jana. We drove out to Point Reyes and shot in the back of Adam's Subaru. I thought it would be cute to have ourselves a little picnic. It was a lovely drive and we had a blast catching the sunset. The weather was a bit chilly but we love the colder weather anyways so all was grand.

We climbed over fences, got swarmed by mosquitoes near the marshlands, chatted a whole bunch of what TV shows were our favorites, life happenings, and had some yummy sandwiches that Adam had made. Overall, it was a successful shoot and I was thinking it would be fun to do every year for our anniversary. Did I also mention our photos came out so cute? Jana is such a dream and we had the best time. Thank you again for capturing this time in our lives. We will cherish these forever!

I thought I would end this post with what each Adam and I have learned about being married to one another, what we look forward to in our relationship, and a few photos to celebrate our love. 

ANNY: Plenty of times, Adam and I would look at one another and think "What the heck! We are for real married." I mean, we still do that now. Honestly, realizing that you are in a partnership with your significant other is kind of crazy but it feels right. We've accomplished a lot over the year and it's awesome to look back on how far we have come as not only individuals but as companions. We made decisions on what colors to paint the house, what furniture will work, and what will we have for dinner. Trust me, that last one is going to come up quite a lot. 

Marriage, although wonderful can be challenging too especially when it comes to compromising and making decisions. 😄 Being married has been loads of work and learning to flow together as a team. I have learned that doing your best to be kind, understanding, and to be patient with your partner is of utmost importance. There will be times where you will get on each other nerves and it certainly has happened in our relationship. No one is perfect and trying to understand one another and doing your best to communicate your wants as well as needs is key. 

Adam is truly an outstanding best friend, husband, and my soul mate. He puts up with my stubbornness as I put up with his. My only wish moving forward is to try to always be respectful, loving, and showing our appreciation for one another. I love all the little and big memories we have created together and can't wait for more. My love for him is infinite and I am truly grateful for his love. 

ADAM: So somehow it's already been a year. It's amazing how fast time can go by. We've done quite a lot this year, though it feels like we've made most of the major progress happen in the second half of it. Here are a couple of things I've learned since our blur of a wedding day.

In any relationship, the people involved are going to have different ways of doing even the most mundane of things. It could even be something as simple as the way you fold your clothes. What I've learned is that if there is something that you personally do in one way, and you aren't greatly attached to it, then let your partner do it their way. Hopefully it should help them feel a little more at home. On to the more personal things.

Anny and I have very different personalities. My personality is fairly outgoing and sociable but I am easily (and happily) capable of entertaining myself with very little human contact.  I'm very content being by myself, spending my time toiling away at a project, or reading for hours, learning about a topic or subject that interests me. Anny has a much more boisterous personality than I do, and as you can imagine, this contrast can have interesting results.

Often I'll be deep into my own thoughts and she will come bounding in, breaking my focus like a freight train running through a zen garden. Some days I respond with a semi-blank stare, not unlike a librarian who's caught you breaking the silence. Sometimes however, just sometimes... That stare turns unexpectedly into a smile as I go in for the surprise tickle. I've learned to be not be serious ALL of the time and to take advantage of freely acting like an idiot once in a while. The laughing is good for you, trust me. 

Lastly I've learned to guard my blankets with my life, otherwise they WILL be taken (along with 90% of the bed).

We always used to say that we balanced each other out. She would lift me up, and I would keep her grounded (seriously, she would actually float off). It's a bit of a yin and yang type of dynamic, but in my mind, through that contrast comes great perspective and possibility. Looking forward to seeing everything that we can accomplish together! Probably take over the world. Erm, ignore that last bit, you didn't hear anything. But in all seriousness, if you find someone who you truly love, don't let the little stuff bother you. It's a tiny price to pay for someone who understands and cares about you at such a deep level. Anny and I are very different people, yet we absolutely are a match at a fundamental level.

PS: Just a little tip to anyone reading: Learn to cook, it's an extremely fast way to someone's heart. Besides, who can be mad when they're greeted by delicious food :)

To many more years of lovey dovey love and growth. 



  1. Kim Anderson8/10/2018 2:55 AM

    Your honesty, friendship and obvious flow of positive energy between you is an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing this part of your lives.

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    1. Sorry, I don't fully understand your comment. Jana is a wonderful photographer and a great friend. Adam and I absolutely LOVE our photos.


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