Firmoo Glasses Review

For today's post, I wanted to talk about my favorite online store to purchase affordable and stylish prescription as well as non prescription glasses. If you guys don't know, I'm not blessed with perfect vision as I need glasses to drive, to read, and to work on my computer. I'm jealous of those of you who can see well. Ahem, my husband Adam but on the plus side, I think glasses can look cute and who says the costs needs to break the bank!? I was in need of a new pair of glasses so I searched the web and stumbled upon Firmoo. At first I was hesitant to purchase glasses from an online store but I read a lot of reviews and decided to give Firmoo a try. I'm sooooo glad I did because my experience has been nothing but wonderful. You guys can give them a try too and sign up for free đŸ˜Š and use my code for 50% off your purchase: Anny0625314 

The Color Factory

Hiya! I asked over on my Instagram if you guys wanted my next post to be about what my favorite Makeup products were or a recap of my experience at The Color Factory. You guys voted and you wanted to know more about the Colors! If you don't know what The Color Factory is, here's a link to read all about it but the gist of it is that it's a colorful and interactive art exhibit. It's a neat place to get some colorful photos as well as hang out with your family and or friends. Lo and behold they also have a few treats here and there so yay, that was super unexpected!

My 2018 Skincare Routine

For today's post, it's all about skincare!