Our 3 Year Wedding Anniversary

My 5 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

If you know me you know that the kitchen is one of my favorite places to be in my home. I love food! I love to cook, I love to bake, and I ultimately love to eat. Plus cooking at home saves you a ton of money and during this whole pandemic, Adam and I have been cooking overtime in our home. Not only do I like saving money but I love utilizing my time with products that are convenient and efficient to use. 

Here are some of my absolute must have's you will LOVE.
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Life Update

2020, am I right? We've had such high hopes and dreams for this year but I've noticed a lot of people have been saying "Let's skip to 2021", "This year sucks!" and so on. Although life is turned upside down for many and times are uncertain, there is one thing I know for sure, it is to show our love to those we care about as well as our community. I don't know what the future holds and it is certainly anxiety inducing but I hope that we continue to be mindful and compassionate of one another as we honestly don't know what's happening behind the scenes in others' lives.

My Fav Series on Netflix

Times are uncertain right now but if you're under quarantine and want to give yourself a break from the news, here are a few shows that you might not have seen yet. If you have any suggestions as well, I would love to hear.

*Feel free to click on the title links to watch the trailers of the shows mentioned.*

My 2019 Review

2019 has felt like a roller coaster ride of emotions. First off I have been majorly slacking on my blog but to be honest I say that every other year so what's new? However this year has felt like the most craziest and busiest year yet so here's a look back at some of my most memorable moments and adventures in 2019.