Conservatory of Flowers & Japan Town

It isn't Spring just yet (It's on March 20th!) but the flowers are already blooming like crazy and it's starting to feel like it with all of the interesting weather we have been having lately. The forecast is currently showing rain soon so I'm ready for some more Netflix, cuddles, and staying indoors to edit. Do you guys like the rain or not? I do if I don't have to be outside in it but if it's just a bit of mist, I am all for it. 

Outfit from Forever21 / Sandals from Birkenstock / Backpack from Vietnam / Glasses from Firmoo 

Anyways, Adam and I decided to check out The Conservatory of Flowers which was beautiful! It was also pretty sweet because if you didn't know, the first Tuesday of every month is free and they accept donations. We took advantage of the freebie and had a wonderful time checking out all the beautiful plants and flowers. It makes me want to have my own greenhouse.  It's a bit humid in there, as to be expected so dress accordingly. We lucked out because there was so much sunshine and surprisingly we didn't have to wear a jacket/sweater. YAY for some nice weather. 

I mean, come on now this is just only a glimpse of the Conservatory. You guys have to go see it for yourself! 

After our garden date, Adam and I were craving Soba and we love going to Suzu Noodle House to grub. So delicious and affordable! Got to love those combos. I always have the dream of wanting to go earlier in the day so I can eat EVERYTHING. I want to eat Ramen in the morning, then soba in the afternoon, and afterward crepes for dessert. Dreams like this will happen but we always end up in Japan Town later in the day and our stomachs can only eat so much. Hehe, a girl and her love of food. Yum! Where are your favorite spots to eat in San Francisco? Let me know!

Had to end the day in Japantown with some Soba from Suzu

Oh well, until next time we are wanting to check out The Musée Mécanique (which I have been before with my girl, Cynthia) but Adam hasn't. More adventures to be posted soon! Thanks for reading, guys and enjoy the rest of your week. 


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