The Color Factory

Hiya! I asked over on my Instagram if you guys wanted my next post to be about what my favorite Makeup products were or a recap of my experience at The Color Factory. You guys voted and you wanted to know more about the Colors! If you don't know what The Color Factory is, here's a link to read all about it but the gist of it is that it's a colorful and interactive art exhibit. It's a neat place to get some colorful photos as well as hang out with your family and or friends. Lo and behold they also have a few treats here and there so yay, that was super unexpected!

I won't spoil too much but there were scratch and smelly things on the wall (which I wish I could smell but I was sick at the time), charcoal lemonade, macaroons, ball pits, and so much more. Hope you enjoy some favorite shots from our day! We smiled, laughed, and had such a work out getting through all the rooms. It was crowded at times and then completely empty the next. I recommend checking out the exhibit if you are able to because if you like to have a fun time and take some cool photos to remember, then this colorful exhibit is for you.  

I must say, the Orange Room was one of my favorites as well as Aria's. The decoration and set up was aesthetically pleasing and awesome. Aria kept wanting to walk back to it even though once you leave a room, you're not suppose to go back. It honestly makes me want to eat some oranges right now when I look back at these shots. Whenever am I not thinking about food? 

All I can say about this room is pure nostalgia.

And if there was any room that I wasn't quite fond of standing in, it would be the Balloon Room. I mean, what if it pops!?

Although green is my favorite color, this was my least favorite part of the exhibit. I barely took photos because the lighting was bad and the colors just looked meh. Other than that, I liked the idea of having huge crayons and drawing on the walls with them. 

Another one of my favorite parts of the exhibit was the ribbons room! It was fun jumping in and out of them and we all couldn't stop laughing and running into one another. I felt like a little kiddo.

On to the next floor! I loved the bright neon pink smile at the top which eventually lead to a few other colorful walls. 

I mean look at all the colors. It's an explosion of colors!

Pro tip: don't open your mouth and let the confetti get in your mouth. You will regret it. It tastes like salty sweat. Eww!

At the end I had to smile some more because they gave us yellow ice cream, what!? Yum and you get to play around in a yellow ball pit. Overall, 8/10 experience. Next up, The Museum of Ice Cream!



  1. Your colour factory post makes me so happyhave really enjoyed your pictures, fun and happy moments �� wish to be there with you all ❤️✌️ you're amazing Anny ❤️

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read! xo


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