My Office Room Transformation

WOW my office room transformation is finally up. I'm not kidding when I tell you this season has been one of my busiest yet. Still, I know not an excuse to not keep up with my blog but I hate half assing (Is this even a verb? It is now!) a post just because I want to create content. My office is not finished by any means and I'm sure it will never be because if you know me I am so damn picky when it comes to how I decorate. In the mean time, enjoy the process of my cousin Dung and husband Adam ripping apart my room and making it such a lovely space for me to create and edit in to dead of night. I am SO grateful. 

The first step was to empty out the room as much as we could and prepare it for our new flooring. We definitely needed a change so out with the old and in with the new.
So far so good. Tons of work and getting down and dirty.
Removing all the nails, staples, and carpet was a tedious job but it had to be done.

We bought new baseboards and painted them white to match the rest of our home. It's already starting to look a lot nicer. Yes! Do you like our makeshift way of drying our baseboards? I helped slide them through our windows to get in to the house easier. đŸ˜Œ

Now that the floors were finally in, we repainted the closet white and the edges to clean up the paint job. This was by far the easiest job to do so I was happy to help out. FYI, I have a weak right wrist so I feel bad that I'm not able to help out as much as I can so when I am able to, you bet I will jump on the opportunity.

The laminated wood floors we purchased were in the color "Ashcombe Aged Oak" from Home Depot. I absolutely love grey colors so this worked out with the rest of our home because it had a tint of warmth to the color as well. 

I was editing in the living room for months so this was a nice and needed transition. I honestly can't work in a space unless I feel inspired and motivated. I haven't really talked about it but I was in a major funk for a few months and have only started feeling better the last two months. Maybe it also has to do with the weather as well but either way I'll save that topic for another time. As of now I am incredibly happy to be able to refresh in a new space.

Not finished yet but here's the beginning of being SUPER excited to decorate. * Fun fact, my office table is actually Adam's from his childhood. 😊

Laminate Floors:
Ashcome Aged Oak Laminate Floors

Pooped out and I seriously can't believe it's almost Christmas already. Have you finished your shopping or what traditions do you and your family celebrate? Thank you for being patient with me as I know I'm a sucky blogger but now that I have my own space I feel more inspired than ever. Happy holidays my love!


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