My Trip to Vietnam | 2016

 Hello from Vietnam!

Well, I have been horrible with updating my blog. That's not a surprise but I definitely want to try to post more of my random thoughts, adventures, and weekly happenings. I enjoy looking back on events that I may have forgotten over time. I don't have the best memory so I need to either a) write it down or b) take photos of whatever it is and c) film it. Another goal of mine is to record more of my little life. So, 2016 maybe you will be the year where I get even more productivity done. 

If you didn't know, I am currently in Vietnam and I will be in South Korea in a couple of days (for a layover but I get to check out Korea a bit, so that's always fun!) One day, for real I will get to actually experience Korea. Other than that, I have been having a wonderful time visiting my family in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. I had the pleasure of venturing to Can Tho Floating Market, Ha Tien, Tra Xu Petrified Forest, & Long Xuyen this time around. The bus rides were definitely not my favorite but the sight seeing, the food, the people I got to meet, was absolutely amazing. Definitely a great way to start out the new year. Feeling fresh &  more inspired than ever. 

However, I do miss home. I miss my mama, brother, family, my love, and little fur babies. I can't wait to hug each and every single one of them. Can't wait! Totally not looking forward to the airplane rides though but what can you do? Traveling = lots of car/bus/boat rides or plane rides. At least I can be home with my loved ones on Friday, January 22nd. Yay! Then I have my first client shoot of the year on the 24th. Woo hoo! (:

Here were some of my favorites from my trip! I can't wait to come back and I hope to do so again in 2017. Here's to 2016. May it be an absolute awesome year for you all!

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