Fried Rice & Chill?

Hi! I like fried rice and I cannot lie. Seriously though, this was when I bought simple continuous lighting to play with and I had my fiance, Adam help me with shooting. He's amazing, learns quick, and I always appreciate his patience. Also, guys I finally bought a decent tripod too so I don't have my sketchy $2 one anymore. It was good for what it was but definitely wobbly so yeah, I would have a mini heart attack anytime I would use it. ❤ Anyways, YAY new toys!

Let me tell you, I am horrible and I mean absolutely horrible when it comes to expressing myself or typing up anything to do with a blog. I always feel awkward, like really really awkward but this year, I wanted to get out of my shell and try sticking to blogging and showing a little more of who I am. Let's hope this works out as I do like being able to connect with you guys.  This shoot was definitely a bit out of my comfort zone but I wanted to create and test out some new equipment so this was what Adam and I came up with. Hope you guys are inspired to go out and create some more as well! I'm going to be posting more about my weekly, I don't know what you would call it but I guess "weekly happenings?" Something like that. Keep your eyes out.

Bomber Jacket: 

Have a beautiful week! 

XO Anny 

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