Happy Birthday To My Dearest Brother

First of all I wanted to wish my brother Kevin the sweetest 23rd birthday ever. It's a pleasure to watch you grow, working hard, living life, and still be the weird sibling that you are. You never miss the chance to scare the living soul out of me. I hate you for that yet I love you just as much. It's crazy when we complete each other's sentences or will give each other "the look" when we are thinking the same damn thing. You truly are my brother and have grown to be a great friend. We may argue at times but it's all out of love and stubbornness. No matter what, I will always have your back.

Our tv and movie nights are the best. I look forward to them each week. To be honest, we watch a LOT of movies. I feel like we have seen them all. Of all the birthday wishes you receive today, mine will be the most incredible. Why? Because I am your sister and we are most likely going to go out to celebrate with delicious eats and drinks. You drink, I mainly eat. If there's any advice I could give you (not that you asked for it but.....) it would be to enjoy your experiences in life, good or bad and to try something new. Life's about living so live it up!

I'm thankful mom and dad had you because I could never imagine life without you. I'm proud of you brother and I love you. I wish you ALL the best in the whole entire universe and that you live a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life.

Here are a few birthday wishes I gathered from the family. Enjoy!

"Happy Birthday Kevin!! Each year you get buffer and buffer, I wonder if the weight of the expectations to stay swole are too heavy for you to uphold." - Salyna 

"Happy Birthday Kevin! Thank you for your support over the years. Behind your more quiet and stoic exterior, is a guy looking towards his future and enjoying life. In my eyes, you are just so cool! I'm so grateful to have grown up with you. Happy Birthday." - Robert 

"Happiest of birthdays Kevin!! And to many more to come! You have come a long way from our days on the tennis courts to becoming the gentleman you are today!!! (Even though you dress like a "bro") Here's to a lifetime of happiness to you mister, cheers!" - Angel 

"Happy Birthday Kevin! We gettin' old out here. You were always the brother that I wanted growing up. Stay up, hope you have a great birthday. 🎉🎂🎉" - Michael 

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN! It's so crazy, I mean I knew everyone was getting old but paying closer attention now that your birthday is here, you're old old now. Emphasized. I will never forget our family adventures growing up and looking back at it, all I remember is your rat tail, haha. You should bring that back!! I'm so lucky to have grown up with you, even when the distance was in the way. You were always one of the people I looked forward to seeing because you giggled about everything. You were that cool uncle, even though for years I strongly believed we were cousins. As you continue to sprout like a beansprout, I hope we can turn up as a family when I am 21! Furthermore, I'm hoping your birthday is not just another birthday but a brighter one. You know your family loves you to pieces and I wish could celebrate your oldness. Have fun and BE SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE! No drinking and driving. I love you Kevin. 💙 " - Mindy 

"Dear Kevin To, Happy Birthday! I wish you all the best in your life and career. I hope to see you and your family again the in the near future. From your cousin, Nhien. P.S. I know it's been quite a while but do you still watch Spongebob?" - Nhien 😜 

"Hey Kevin, it's your 23rd birthday today and I wish you all the best! Getting old is not bad because you can legally drink, haha. Anyways, as you're turning 23, I hope you will always be happy like you are now. I hope you will graduate soon and get a good job so you can make more $ for food and for making your car louder. Can't wait to go back to Vietnam and to travel anywhere else with you, Anny, and Adam. Happy Birthday cuz! 🎉🎉" - Nghi  

"It's already been one year of being actual bros and I couldn't have asked for a more awesome one! You obviously know you mean the world to Anny, but seriously, you're just a stand up guy all around. So I guess just keep being you because it's working out fine. P.S. Let's have more business endeavors in the future. I think we'd work well together. 👊👊 " - Adam  

"Happy Birthday Kevin!! 🎂🎂🎂 23 is going to be great...and if you're like me, it's going to make you go to bed by 9PM. Lol.- My Y

"Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with family, food, and festivity!" - Duc 

"Happy Birthday Kevin! Wish you all the best." - Pim 

"Happy Birthday Kevin! I wish you the best of luck in life and I hope you build that race car you always wanted. I want your civic si to be the fastest in town. I hope you reach your fitness goals so you can baby oil your self up and win some competitions." - Pepper

"Hello Kevin! Happy Birthday. We love you! ❤️🎉😘" - Mom 

"Happy Birthday Kevin and I wish you will have a good job after graduating. - Dad 


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