Our 2 Year Wedding Anniversary

August 5th was exactly 2 years ago today.

Anny: If there's one thing I have learned during our second year of marriage, it would be patience. I know there's the saying "love is patient" or "patience is a virtue" and truly they are. Patience matters and I have learned and am still learning to be patient with Adam and myself. Love is not always rainbows and happy days. Love is hard at times. We are definitely not perfect but I believe we are imperfectly perfect for each other.

I hope to be more considerate in our relationship. I oftentimes have reacted impatiently when I would have to repeat my self and all that has done was lead to frustration for the both of us. With that said we have been making a conscious effort to be more understanding, patient, and kind towards each other. Truthfully, I find I am difficult to love at times. I have plenty of days where I will feel low and my negativity will flow onto Adam but despite it all, he has done his best to understand, love, and lift my spirits. I appreciate and am ever so grateful for him.

To be able to walk side by side with one of my best friends is such a dream but then I have to pinch my self because it's our reality. His thoughtfulness, reassurance, support, and random hugs makes my heart sing. I don't always outwardly express my feelings but it means a lot. I cannot wait to see what our third year of marriage will bring. I may not be able to eloquently type out how I want to express myself but I try. Adam, your soul and mine align and I am so happy to be able to do life with you, my companion, my netflix watching husbando, my bubs. I love and cherish our time together. I love you and Happiest Anniversary!


So here we are again. Another year has flown by at a rate not dissimilar to Anny after I yell "the noodles are done". In other words, faster than should be allowed by law.

Despite the time flying, quite a lot has been accomplished this year. Our living room actually looks like a living room, the extra bedroom is stripped down to the floorboards awaiting it's upgrade and subsequent triumphant return, and Anny finished her office as well (technically started at the end of last year, but ran into 2019). Even our backyard has shaped up enough to host a small gender reveal party for Anny's cousin. I'm normally not one for hosting get togethers, but there is a bit of a sense of accomplishment in doing so since it's nice to see the all the work we've put in going to good use.

Through all of this work, I think we've both learned to respect and understand each other's work flows better. For instance, I tend to plan plan plan, analyze, then plan some more. Starting on a project only once I've thought the entire thing through, and likely working until the middle of the night once I've begun. Anny on the other hand, in stark contrast, will tend to begin working immediately, but on smaller portions at once with a "go for it" attitude. We've gotten much better at utilizing and combining the advantages of our differing approaches rather than looking at them as "doing it wrong". This has honestly helped us to get so much more accomplished. Which in turn makes us both much happier.

Well that's it for me. I have no idea what Anny wrote, but that's part of the fun of these posts. Speaking of... Hey you, I love you more every day! Here's to two years!

PS: Does that count as PDA since this is on a blog?

To celebrate early, we had gone to the Bodega to go on a hike at Pinnacle Gulch as well as the beach. It was a beautiful Saturday and we couldn't have asked for better weather as it was a mixture of sunshine and a cool breeze. We worked up quite a sweat with all of the steps but oh man was it a breath of fresh air to go out and enjoy mother nature together. Now we are off to San Francisco to enjoy who knows what? Our plans are constantly changing because at first we were thinking the Exploratorium or Academy of Sciences. Either way I know we will have a great time as food is always involved and we get to explore. 

Photos: Jana Contreras Photography

If you follow my instagram or would like to, you can check out what adventures we will be up today. Also, if you would like to read last year's blog "Our First Year of Marriage" check it out. Have a beautiful week!



  1. This is so adorable! Thank you for sharing your advise and story. I totally get what you mean when you can be impatient. Especially when you don't seem to see eye-to-eye on particular things, it's hard for me to step back and remember that sometimes. My bf and I are still learning the effective way to communicate. What are some ways you get Adam to tell you more if he's short with you? I would love to know so I can try it too!

    Thanks Anny!

    1. Hi Linda,

      I'm glad you enjoyed our post! Yeah, I still struggle to maintain my patience at times. We are still working on communicating better day by day but it can be tough as we are both stubborn. Adam's not really one to be short with me, it's more like I am short with him. He's the type to ask questions whereas I tend to close up and want to observe the situation before proceeding with a response. This is where we bump heads as he will continually ask questions and I just want to be left alone to process for a while. In this case I would say it's important to try and communicate that you need space (or vise versa) to collect your thoughts. Possibly writing down on a notepad some key points you want to discuss and to try and stay on topic as Adam and I (more so me) tends to stray onto numerous subjects at a time and that can make for a confusing conversation. I hope those can help you out in some way. If you ever feel like you're getting frustrated, I think it's best to breathe and give each other a little space before continuing.



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