My 2019 Review

2019 has felt like a roller coaster ride of emotions. First off I have been majorly slacking on my blog but to be honest I say that every other year so what's new? However this year has felt like the most craziest and busiest year yet so here's a look back at some of my most memorable moments and adventures in 2019.

1. I started off the year wanting to shop le ss, sustainable, and to be more conscious of what I purchase. If you're wanting or interested in making a few changes in your life, definitely check out my favorite products to make transitioning to a more sustainable life a bit easier. I honestly don't know why I didn't start sooner.

2. Adam and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary by driving to downtown Sonoma State Historic Park to explore. There's a lot to see and it's such a cute town that we love to visit. Afterward we spent a half hour deciding where to eat but eventually we ended up at our favorite Korean restaurant, Tov Tofu back in Santa Rosa. If you're in town, go and support them. They're incredibly sweet and their food is delicious! I can't believe our 7 years is coming up in March. I wonder what we will be up to? 

3. This year I went on a lot more hikes and nature walks. Not only is it good for the soul but it's refreshing to breathe in some fresh air. I haven't gone on as many walks lately but once I'm done being a hermit, I'm heading back out with my dogs. Where are some of your favorite spots to go hiking, especially in Sonoma County?

4. In June, I had the best time traveling to New York for my girlfriend Leizl's bachelorette. From getting locked out of our hostel (ahem ahem Somaly) to watching Wicked (my first Broadway show!) There were so many hilarious and fun moments shared with my best friends. I truly can't imagine not having them in my life. I can't wait to visit New York again. It is one of my favorite cities. Have you been? If so where are your favorite spots to check out? I personally love the High Line and Central Park.

The girls and I at Rose Mansion.

5. If you have been following my Instagram stories, you would know Adam and I have been on a Kombucha hunt for the best flavors. Currently our favorite brand is Kevita and their flavor Tart Cherry is delicious! I had a laugh with my mom when she tried a GT Synergy drink and her taste buds went crazy. Their drinks are our next favorite but they're much stronger so it might not be for everyone. If you're into Kombucha, what is your favorite brand and flavors?

6. During July and November, Adam and I hosted my cousin Cam and his wife Huyen's Gender Reveal party as well as their Baby Shower in our home. This was a big deal because we haven't had anyone over yet, let alone host two parties but they both ended up being a huge success. They were expecting a baby boy and we were ecstatic. It's been a busy year so it was great to meet the little guy in December. 

Delicious homemade food is the best!

7. Adam and I had our 2 year wedding anniversary photos shot in our home by none other than Jana Contreras. Not only is she talented but she is such a sweet friend and we love her. You can view some of our favorite shots here

8. During September, I celebrated and hosted my twin and best friend Cynthia's bachelorette in San Francisco. We stayed at Hotel Carlton, which was great and they had great breakfast food there as well. We went to Asia SF, explored pier 39, Japan town, ate plenty of delicious food and so much more. I was ecstatic everything went well because I had so much anxiety planning every detail but it was worth it.

9. Also, I celebrated my 30th (thir-tea) birthday during September and I honestly don't remember much. I know it involved taking some photos, family, and food but to be honest as I have gotten older, my short and long term memory have gotten worse. Woo.

10. In early November, I started getting hydrafacials from Tiffany of Soulscape Aesthetics. Let me tell you, it was such a great experience and I can't wait for my next one in January. If you're in Petaluma, definitely do your self a favor and check her out. She's the sweetest and her space makes you feel at peace. She is most certainly worth it and it was nice to add to my skincare.

11. My nephew Damien was born on Friday December 13th at 9:49 am and he weighed in at 7 lbs 3 oz and 20 inches long. His birth was the second one that I have seen and it is terrifying and beautiful all at the same time. I can't wait to see him grow and to see how his personality changes. He's such a handsome little fella.

Overall I'm sure there are a million memories that I have forgotten to mention but like I said I don't have the best memory so blogging / journaling has always been helpful. I can't believe we are heading into a new decade! I wish you all a happy new year and best wishes.


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