The Museum of Ice Cream

Hello sweethearts, ready for a tasty treat? Yeah, me too. I'm actually not huge on sweets but my tooth has become a little sweeter as I have gotten older. It's kind of weird how our cravings change as we age. Are you like that too?? Honestly, I need to lay off the sweets! Anyways, if you liked my Color Factory post then this one's for you. Here's a little recap of our time at the Museum of Ice Cream (which, by the way they have tickets on sale now if you are going to San Francisco location. Get them while you can because they sell out like crazy!)  

So what the heck is The Museum of Ice Cream?! Basically it's a super pink yet also colorful space to take photos with ice cream themed rooms. You don't learn a whole lot but you do get eat some ice cream, mochi ice cream, and other sweets. The very first room had some cool facts about Ice Cream and its origin etc., Be cautious, the cute kiddos and the adults will probably be super hyped. I know I kind of had a sugar rush.

If you haven't been to the Color Factory, it is definitely much more interactive whereas the Ice Cream museum is cool to look at but you can't roam as freely into the next room and have to wait at times (especially if the next room is serving ice cream or any treats.) It was definitely crowded at the time we went, which was around 4pm on a Sunday. I'm sure if you went on a week day it would be less crazy but don't take my word for it! 

Mm pink lemonade flavor ice cream. It was tasty but oh boy I couldn't get over how crowded, warm, and claustrophobic I felt with all the people in the room. My word of advice, leave your jacket/sweater in the car. Oh well, thank goodness for ice cream. 

Of course this was one of Aria's favorite rooms. That's no surprise because what kid doesn't like taking magnetic letters off the wall and throwing them everywhere? She was having the time of her life. Ugh, she's so precious I can squish her. I mean look at that pony tail and lovely outfit she has on!? She was dressed to impress.

Guys, they had fluffy cotton candy! I have to say this room was super awesome with all the cherries and lit up cloud lights. I want one of my own! We didn't spend a ton of time in here but it's definitely one of the better rooms. 

Here's a random fact and it's not that interesting but I felt like sharing. When I was a child, my parents would go to San Jose to buy groceries and we would always stop at an Asian market so I could pick up a cup full of delicious gummy bears. I always insisted on getting them too. They remind me of simpler times so this room brought back memories. Also, it's the cutest! 

Who knew they had a mechanical cookie ride? You bet we went on them!

Don't give me too much sugar, especially a Popsicle stick.  

Aria found her next favorite room, the tiny little glass room. It was nice escaping into this space in the wall. We needed a break so we sat in here for a few good minutes before entering the other rooms which had the yummiest treat of all, mochi ice cream! So good!

I didn't even bother taking a photo of it since I ate it so fast. Oh well.

I don't think I even have to tell you about the Sprinkle Pool. We went home and still had some leftover in our pants/pockets/hair. You name it, that stuff got everywhere! Also, even with their airing station where you could blow out all the sprinkles, it only helped so much. 

Overall, the end was pretty chill (see what I did there? eh eh?? I know I'm silly) I would rate the whole experience a 6.5/10. It was sweet but it was too crowded for my taste. I'm not one for crowded areas so that might just be me but if you're going soon, I hope you have a great time!! Thanks for stopping by.

Stay tuned for my next post! 


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